Does frozen meals lose vitamins? Discover out!

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Does frozen meals lose vitamins? That is the query that runs by means of nearly everybody who can’t hand over the practicality of a very good frozen meals field. Within the rush of the routine, the behavior of freezing the week’s meals has change into a wonderful various. However the doubt stays and the reply is sure, however little or no.

“The freezing course of will naturally result in some dietary losses, particularly with regard to light-sensitive nutritional vitamins, reminiscent of vitamin C, some fiber, minerals and even some water”, says Gisele Haiek, nutritionist specializing in Hygienic Sanitary Management of Meals. In line with her, in comparison with the advantages, the loss is small.

So if we listing the professionals and cons of freezing meals, you’ll be able to see that the advantages far outweigh the issue of minimal lack of vitamins. On the unfavorable aspect, we wish it: About 10% of vitamins, proteins, minerals and nutritional vitamins might be misplaced by freezing. Then again, for some meals, a corresponding proportion of the losses happen with the cooking itself.

“In my view, for individuals who have a really busy routine, it’s price investing in frozen meals, keep away from losses as a consequence of not having the ability to put together and assure good meals. it could be good in your well being, to attend for the perfect situation. The large is the enemy of the nice!”, says Haiek.

Frozen vegetables make the routine easier  Photo: reproduction

Frozen greens make the routine simpler Photograph: copy

Photograph: Kitchen information

When counting factors towards the professional’s listing, freezing meals will increase the time to expiration. Thus, there may be using leftovers, the preservation of greens and fruits of the season and the avoidance of waste.

So the best way you deal with these meals – from choice, preparation to freezing and even the tactic of thawing – dictates the preservation of vitamins, tastes, look, odors and likewise whether or not there may be proliferation of microorganisms. So get to know the step-by-step technique of freezing and thawing, which makes meals last as long as 12 months:

1. Meals choice

Step one in preserving the vitamins, colours, flavors and textures of frozen meals is choice. It is very important perceive which meals might be preserved and what’s the finest approach for the method to go properly.


Keep away from freezing fruit – or any meals that shall be consumed uncooked – as a result of there’ll inevitably be losses. If these meals are utilized in recipes sooner or later, as in smoothiesjuices, smoothies or muffins, favor to freeze within the type of puree or pulp.

Greens, legumes and dairy merchandise

Greens on the whole might be frozen with out harm. And the identical goes for legumes, reminiscent of beans and chickpeas. Within the dairy part, milk, cheese and yogurt will also be frozen, however it’s preferable to make use of it in recipes, as there are some adjustments in consistency.

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Meat, bread and muffins

Do you know that bread, muffins and meat of all types will also be frozen? With the uncooked dough or with these meals already prepared, it’s potential to make use of the freezer to protect them! The one distinction is that in comparison with meals which might be frozen with out seasoning, the shelf life is considerably shorter, as it’s about 1 month, relying on the recipe.

2. Preparation for freezing

As soon as the meals to be frozen is chosen, cleansing and preparation are the following steps. The fruits should be washed and, as defined within the earlier subject, they need to solely be utilized in recipes and – so as to not change into too “ugly” – it’s preferable that they’re saved as puree or pulp.

Meat should be frozen uncooked and with out spices. After thawing, the meat can solely return to Freezer when it’s in a ready-made dish, reminiscent of in an escondidinho or lasagne. Keep in mind that to be able to freeze meat, it’s not needed to clean it!

Does frozen meals lose vitamins? Know the bleaching approach

Nutritionist Gisele Haiek teaches the blanching approach—which inactivates enzymes and prevents browning—a wonderful possibility for individuals who wish to freeze greens that age within the fridge. “The approach consists in: washing them, slicing them and leaving them to boiling water or steam for a couple of minutes after which placing them in chilly water to “pause” this cooking after which freezing”, concludes the specialist.

3. Selection of packaging

Does frozen meals lose vitamins? Nicely, what number of of those vitamins shall be misplaced and what number of shall be preserved is decided by this step. Anyway, it is not sophisticated: select well-sealed packaging and pots.

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Frozen greens in the correct packaging protect vitamins Photograph: Copy

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Smaller parts of frozen meals is an effective tip! So for those who dwell alone, select smaller containers and dose what is going to really be utilized in your meals.

Packaging able to go within the freezer? Don’t forget to notice the day the freezing was completed so as to verify the shelf life.

4. Appropriate defrosting

When it is time to defrost, by no means place the meals at room temperature, within the solar or underneath scorching water! Ideally, the meals needs to be thawed, nonetheless in a sealed container, within the backside of the fridge. To do that, simply take the container out of the freezer the day earlier than.

Generally it occurs that we overlook to defrost that exact predominant ingredient for lunch or dinner. In these instances, place the cooking pot underneath chilly operating water or submerged (change the water each half-hour). Additionally keep in mind that some meals, reminiscent of greens, can thaw throughout cooking.

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