Gianni Boncompagni, inventor of hilarity on tv | Portrait of the creator

With Teresa Ciabatti

In “Non è la Rai” he was the primary to indicate innocence. Undoubtedly the inventor of recent tv

«He enlightened youth»Says Renzo Arbore, on the day of the final farewell coffin on By way of Asiago 10, the headquarters of Radio Rai, the place all of it started for them. “Gianni invented hilarity on TV», All the time a gazebo.

Radio host, songwriter, tv creator, composer and tv director, Gianni Boncompagni, died in Rome on April 16, 2017. 85 years. Associates parade by way of Asiago: Raffaella Carrà, Marisa Laurito, Irene Ghergo, Nino Frassica, Tito Stagno, Renzo Arbore. Associates and girlfriends, these women who made him work they are saying they’re sue creations: it is true, Gianni illuminated their youth, theirs.

And that is the crux, the debated, typically misunderstood side of what it undoubtedly is inventor of recent tv.

What Gianni Boncompagni stated Bonco is a genius you instantly perceive from radio applications like Yellow flag, Different recognitionalong with Arbore. We’re within the late sixties, early seventies. Then swap to tv, 1977: Discovering, the primary music program aimed toward younger audiencesby way of language and aesthetics. On nearer inspection, Boncompagnia is right here: inconsideration to rising up, within the capability to say it. In 1977, he is over forty, however nonetheless appears to be on the opposite facet, on the facet of boys of age and spirit like Arbore. Let’s pause on the Arbore: Barbara, Gianni’s daughter, remembers: “As a toddler, Renzo instructed me he had a twin named Giuseppe. Each time he got here residence I might say: you’re Renzo and he: no, Giuseppe. All through my childhood, I believed that they have been two years previous.

There is no such thing as a higher synthesis right here to explain the spirit, the humorous grace that characterised it a working group that was additionally a gaggle of pals.

“I had a beautiful childhood,” says Barbara (keep in mind that Boncompagni raised the daughters he requested for and obtained parental authority himself). Within the Eighties, Bonco’s profession continued: Good day Raffaella?, Sunday in. Therefore the passage a Mediaset. “I actually do not know,” he says himself in an interview On a regular basis reality about It isn’t Rai – Possibly the thought did not catch on to me. It was a imaginative and prescient. Berlusconi needed me to do it once more Good day Raffaella? I instructed him unattainable, it’s a program based mostly on phone calls and Mediaset doesn’t have direct, however he insisted: what does it matter, we do it with bogus telephone calls. ”

It’s born out of imprecise indications and absolutely the freedom granted to the creator It isn’t Rai. A revolutionary programwith unprecedented aesthetics and obvious, fantastic, transferring at occasions, revolving round – is not it the essence of youth? Spin with out heart (ingenious instinct of eliminating the assigned information from the community, breaking the sample).

Together with the wonderful success of the performances, the criticism is coming: sexualization of minors, lots of them underneath the age of fourteen, in seductive attitudes. DOWN F.Christian spouse
Boncompagni replies: “I create a program with out content material, I do not need to depart any message.” He sins modesty, or fairly: he doesn’t intend to elucidate his work that possibly at some point it will likely be studied – which occurs a lot sooner than he imagines. Studied, imitated and nonetheless mentioned. Disrespectful, reckless Boncompagni danger misunderstanding with out concern, is going through common morality, virtually a problem. With full consciousness that the ensuing dialogue will probably be a cultural and social step ahead.

Everybody appeared to know by now.

However no. After his loss of life somebody comes again to the women query, makes use of parts of the director’s personal life to indicate a sure morbidity in direction of younger folks (scandalous – in accordance with them – love tales, beginning with the one with Carrà, which lasted ten years, she was twenty-six, he was thirty-five!). Somebody remembers Izabela Ferrarithen the seventeen-year-olds Boncompagni was engaged to, and it’s argued that the general public differs in remedy if Boncompagni does it proper, if not Berlusconi (journalist Barbara Carfagna, to whom Marco Travaglio replies, explaining the distinction).

Come ahead right here Laura Colucciex-girlfriend It isn’t Raito essentially the most unknown {that a} Right this moment is in hyenas says: “At one level, Boncompagni requested us to see us at his residence. And so we went there. He had a good time and loved it that night. Tomorrow at Gianni’s home, Saturday at Gianni’s home, then subsequent week at Gianni’s home. At one level, I broke my ***. It means I do not let *** go to Boncompagni’s home. They instructed me, “Ah, look, at your personal danger.” I did not go there and completed. There was by no means intercourse … it was all a little bit of an implication, okay? After lunch, he took out a jar of Nutella. They handed him with this spoon ». The response of the others was speedy, contradicting any local weather of ambiguity, repeating that Gianni has at all times been protecting of them. Lucidly: Gianni Boncompagni is the primary to disclose his innocence on tv. Innocence isn’t an absolute worth, it has no worth per se. And nothing is extra harmful than simplification – talking of ambiguity. Boncompagni was a narrator who noticed purity as a prism. And never – right here artwork – didn’t stage need, it generated need. That this need has additionally gone morbid paths doesn’t apply to work, it doesn’t apply to him (women speak about disturbing letters and items from strangers).

Opposite to proper opinion, in opposition to those that mistake plansand finds messages the place they don’t seem to be. Towards those that have the presumption of enlightenment, to outline a exact trajectory from illustration to actuality, establishing an enforced connection of trigger and impact. To those that imagine that by cleansing work, hiding weapons, medication, girls’s legs, they’re educating themselves to do nicely. (to Cancel the tradition). A bunch of genius pals (Boncompagni, Arbore, Carrà) lived, invented and acted in opposition to this dumb platoon, in opposition to the very concept of ​​educating the general public. They fought the blunt platoon with one thing much more highly effective: an invention of pleasure, to cite Arbore.

These pals who’ve grown previous collectively – touching on the funeral of Boncompagni Arbore. Renzo Arbore, aged and deeply wounded, who cries, cries and in a gesture of modesty tries to cover, to indicate that he’s calm, however he fails – the one defeat for Renzo Arbore, a terrific defeat: as a result of there on By way of Asiago is the start of all the pieces, the start of their youth, and this, precisely – Bonco’s loss of life – the top.

So Eleanor Cecere, ex It isn’t Raiwho mentions Gianni: “I cannot overlook the final exit: me, him and Raffaella (Ed. Carrà) at Ikea. He spent days there. They have been strolling hand in hand with Raffaella, he was drained now. That day we regarded like a traditional household: mother, dad and daughter. ” Once more, “Gianni gave me a cup for breakfast.”

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