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The highest 5 pizzerias are situated in Italy, France and the US, with costs starting from R$25 to R$106.

For many who haven’t any plans to depart the nation simply but, test it out on the finish of the report. how a lot does it value to style the dough in pizzerias in São Paulo that entered the Italian rating.

In Masanielli by Francesco Martucci – 1st place (Italy)

  • €6 to €13 – about R$30 to R$66

Award-winning pizzaiolo Francesco Martucci is situated in Conserta, Italy — Photograph: Replica / Instagram Francesco Martucci

Named the perfect pizzeria on this planet by the rating, “I Masanielli” by award-winning pizzaiolo Francesco Martucci is situated in Conserta, Italy.

The client will discover options with an avant-garde strategy, however with out abandoning the stable Italian custom. Pizza is ready on website at three temperatures.

Baked pizzas with basic flavors of “Margherita” and “Napoletana” begin at €6.

The most costly on the menu is the “Domenica” (€13), which has a particular tomato sauce that’s cooked for 10 hours.

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Una Pizza Napoletana – 1st Place (US) – US$16 to US$19

Pizza ready at Una Pizza Napoletana — Photograph: Replica/ Anthony Mangieri

“Uma Pizza Napoletana” was additionally in 1st place. In line with the information’s description, the pizza maker answerable for the home, Anthony Mangieri, is a real pioneer of Neapolitan type in the US.

The main target of the home, situated in New York, is for pizzas with pure yeast and the care taken to bake solely three pizzas at a time in a wood-fired oven.

The menu has basic pizzas, with toppings, specialties and sweets. “Marinara” ($16) with tomato, oregano, garlic and basil and “Filetti” ($19) with buffalo mozzarella are among the many menu choices.

Peppe Pizzeria – third place (France)

  • €12 to €21 – R$60 to R$106

Peppe Pizzeria in Paris, France — Photograph: Replica / Instagram Peppe Pizzeria

Peppe Cutraro, former chef at Massive Mamma, is answerable for the kitchen at “Peppe Pizzeria”, situated in Paris, France.

Within the worth description, critics cite the standard “Margherita” (€12) as “large and smoky with the colours of the solar and the scent of summer time”.

The most costly choice on the menu is the “Queen Tartufo” (€21), which is ready with truffle cream, mushrooms and grilled hazelnuts.

50 Kalò – 4th place (Italy)

  • €5 to €9.5 – R$25 to R$50

Pizza “Marinara” from “50 Kalò” by Ciro Salvo — Photograph: Replica/ Instagram 50 Kalò

Ciro Salvo’s “50 Kalò” in Naples, Italy brings collectively basic and artistic pizzas on the menu.

The “Marinara” (€5) is crammed with natural tomatoes, oregano, olive oil and basil, and described by the restaurant as a dish that mixes “simplicity and complexity on the identical time”.

There are additionally pizzas with greens (with costs as much as €9.50), equivalent to these with squash cream or tomato sauce with inexperienced peppers.

On the award, the home received a particular point out for offering a “skilled but pleasant” service and for being a “cozy and brilliant” place.

10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria – fifth place (Italy)

  • €6 to €10 – R$30 to R$50

Pizza from “10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria”, situated in Italy — Photograph: Disclosure

Diego Vitagliano is a part of the brand new technology of Neapolitan pizzaiolos who mix custom and innovation. The 2 pizzerias are situated within the Bagnoli and Pozzuoli areas of Naples, Italy.

The organizers of the award point out “the standard of the pizzas, mild dough, tasty and at all times crammed with steadiness with high quality components and oils that spotlight the flavors at all times in good steadiness”.

The menu is split between “Marinare”, “Margherite” and different pizzas. The pizzeria additionally provides 18 forms of gluten-free pizza, with house put in within the pizzeria to keep away from any sort of contamination.

In Brazil, there are additionally award-winning pizzas

You may also take pleasure in São Paulo pizzerias awarded within the prime 100 by the Italian information. Verify under the typical values ​​for nationwide eating places.

Pizza Marguerita from “A Pizza da Mooca” — Photograph: Replica / Instagram

Brazilian finest positioned within the worldwide rating (77th), Pizza da Mooca provides totally different flavors with choices of 4 to six items.

One of many girlfriends of the award’s critics is caprese with buffalo mozzarellawhat It prices R$48 for the 4-piece choice and R$68 for the 6-piece choice.

The normal Marguerita, alternatively, prices R$ 42 (4 items) or R$ 66 (6 items).

Opened in 2011, the home has models within the Mooca and Pinheiros neighborhoods and works with components from native producers and merchants. The dough is made with Italian flour.

Pizza from Leggera Pizza Napoletana — Photograph: Replica / Instagram

The second finest positioned Brazilian pizzeria (83rd), “Leggera Pizza Napoletana” has a menu of award-winning pastas in Brazil and worldwide.

One among them is “La Divina Commedia”which obtained an award from the Italian Pizza Competition Naples competitors in 2014. The pasta, which could be loved by BRL 54it takes buffalo mozzarella, basil, parmesan, smoked provola, spicy cured sausage, caramelized purple onion, parmesan and olive oil.

already “Marinara” is a taste that is a bit more reasonably priced (R$ 42.00), however which can be awarded. It was named the perfect pizza in São Paulo by Paladar Estadão 2022. The dough is crammed with tomato sauce, oregano, basil, garlic and olive oil.

Basic pizza from “QT Pizza Bar” — Photograph: Replica / Social networks

Lastly, “QT Pizza Bar”, within the district of Cerqueira César, which appeared in 99th place, can be innovating on the menu.

The most costly pizza within the place is “Burrata” (R$ 101), which, along with the cheese, it takes tomato sauce, uncooked ham and gremolataa standard spice of Italian tradition.

One of many critics’ favorites for the award is “molasses”, ready with goat cheese, Flor di Latte and truffle honey, it may be loved for R$ 60 per unit.

In line with the outline of the value, the pizzas are served with glorious fermentation.

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